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Sunday, September 2, 2012

It Takes Courage Part I & II

When I first saw this poster, I was drawn to the courage it takes to be who you are,
then I realized there was an essential message to be digested before the "and":

"It takes courage to grow up."

We simply can't get to who we are when we refuse to grow up.  Steven Pressfield calls it "Going Pro".

I'm renaming e.e.cumming's quote: It Takes Courage Part I and Part II because we must summon our courage for both parts  -

If we get Part I without Part II, we are likely playing the part of a grown up, but missing the authentic mark.  In this scenario, our life may be spent on a career parallel to but not actually on the path we were destined to take.  This can be easily identified by comments like, "I wish I had . . ." "When I was your age, I should have . . ." "If I didn't have a family to raise, I could have . . . "

If we adhere to Part II without Part I, we lack the discipline to stay on our path - we're easily distracted, lacking focus and sometimes even self-destructive. Most everyone can see our potential, but it is unrealized, left in the dream or wishing state or considered not worthy of pursuit.

Coaches can help with Part I & Part II: http://www.facebook.com/CoachWSolutions


  1. Dear Coach - this blog entry has been so insightful ... and maddeningly frustrating! What if I have reached the All is Lost moment, the moment where I recognize the delusion, but I can't seem to get past the denial? I am stuck still stuck in my delusions and can't seem to Turn Pro. Thoughts?

    1. Recognizing the delusions is a BIG step that many never get to. Choose one action you can take each day to create the change you have recognized is in your best interest. Make this a priority IN THE MORNING. Contact me if you need help with these steps.

  2. Wow- I really appreciate the way you dissected this quote. It certainly does take courage to "grow up". We only have one shot at becoming our best in this lifetime. That is a tremendous responsibility. Anytime one grow's, one endures pain whether physical or emotional growing pains. But, out of that pain comes knowledge, experience, personal growth... In my new family, the extremely driven one in which I married into, I am constantly challenging myself to do more, achieve higher, and try at anything. Sometimes I fail, sometimes I don't. Failing is miserable, but I learn the most from those times. I grow when I fail. Success is gratifying, but failure makes you face your faults and reevaluate whatever your trajectory may be. I still don't know who I really am. I don't know if we ever really do... I think all that we can do to get closer to our true selves is continually face new challenges. In those times of challenge, I think our spirit surfaces.

    Elizabeth Hall-Mariwalla

  3. So wonderful to hear from you. You have proven to be a brave young lady in your young life. I wish you well on your journey and joy and love with your beautiful family.